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Washington DC

We boarded our sunrise flight from Copenhagen bound for Heathrow. We *nearly* missed our flight to Washington after being held up in Heathrow’s infamous security screening. We were that family running through the airport to the gate and boarded last. After a smooth 8 hour flight, we landed in DC in the early afternoon. The kids were exhausted after passing through several time zones in one day.


Beautiful flying conditions


Like father, like son!


Excited to be starting our US adventure!


I always love flying on the A380!

Upon disembarking, we were greeted with a 90 minute wait at immigration which was absolutely hellish. Keeping the kids entertained in the line was near impossible. At the baggage carousel, Ted tripped on a suitecase and headbutted the cement ground. He was hysterical as we made our way through the arrivals hall and then started complaining the lights were bright in his eyes. Under his fringe, he was sporting the largest bump on his forehead. His eye sockets were red and it appeared he had a blood blister in his eye too. So with the help from the Washington police department, we called an ambulance to have Ted checked over. You can imagine how stressful this was, standing in an arrivals hall full of hundreds of people waiting for their loved ones to arrive. Some people gawked at us, others offered us bottled water and snacks for the girls. Abi was distressed to see Teddy so upset that she was crying too. An older women stayed with me as James and Ted were whisked up to the ambulance on the other side of the airport. He was given the all clear for concussion, but we had to keep an eye on him for the next 48 hours. A lovely police officer helped us down to the transportation area and we discovered our driver had left the airport because of our delay. FINALLY, after what felt like an eternity, we were en route to downtown DC.


90 minutes of this! With 3 small kids! Not fun 🙁


Oh gday USA!

Our hotel was located less than 2 blocks from the White House. We had a cosy corner suite and the kids shared a pullout sofa in the living area. All the locals were overwhelming friendly and despite what I had heard, the city was safe to walk around. Sure, we did see many homeless people like in every big city but that’s about it.


On our block was a cute diner and every morning we devoured bagels, yoghurt, coffee and the odd breakfast burrito. The kids were excited to use their scooters too as the footpaths were wide and the city was reasonably flat.


Our new found love of bagels with cream cheese for breakfast!

I cannot stress how beautiful DC was to visit in October. The days were sunny but fresh, the sky a gorgeous blue and no rainfall at all. On our first day of sightseeing, we headed straight to the White House for a look see at one of the most famous houses in the world. It did not disappoint. The grounds were absolutely stunning. Security was quite confronting through with snipers on the surrounding buildings, officers holding guns right near us, black unmarked cars parked everywhere. After the White House, we walked downtown to devour in some mexican treats at District Taco.


Jetlag really knocked Harriet and myself out for days. I had her snuggled up in bed with me as we watched infomercials at 3am in the darkness.


We planned a huge sightseeing day which you can read about in my next post.

Until then,


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